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adult braces faqs - Petite babe with braces fucking in red stockings

Oct 26,  · 5. How much do adult braces cost? The cost of adult braces is comparable to those for children and teens. However, because adult patients often have pre-existing dental conditions (such as bone or tooth loss), orthodontic treatment for adults can . A: You should never feel real pain while wearing braces. If you do, call us right away. When you first get your braces put on, and after adjustments, your teeth can feel a little sensitive. This mild discomfort is easily managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and goes away in a few days.

Adult orthodontics: are braces for me? A consultation is the best way to determine if you can benefit from orthodontic treatment. The condition of your teeth gums and supporting bone is the most important factor in determining the potential for improving your smile and dental health. Why Do Adults Choose Braces? Adults may choose to get braces for a number of different reasons. Sometimes adults find that their teeth are not fitting together properly, causing an uneven bite that is uncomfortable or is leading to rapid tooth decay. Other times an adult will choose braces because teeth have become irregularly spaced due to gum deterioration.

At Craig & Streight Orthodontics, our goal is not only to give our patients the smiles of their dreams but to make sure that they have total peace of mind throughout the whole process. You're never alone, and we're here to answer all of your questions.