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Dec 24,  · “ Frankenstein ” was not the only story of reanimation to be spawned out of the live burial craze of the Victorian Era. Generations of stories passed down from families and communities only served to flame the fires of fear associated with being buried alive. Our burial laws specify that each dead adult shall be entitled to four superficial yards of earth. Allowing for the predominant deaths amongst children, this would be an average of three yards.

May 26,  · Before the Victorian era, burial plots near home and churchyards were most common. With the advent of public cemeteries, the desire to memorialize and grandly mark a grave came into fashion. While grave markers had been more simplistic, during the Victorian . May 14,  · Victorian burials in the UK included some now-considered macabre ways of remembering lost loved ones, from post-mortem photography to the weaving of their hair onto jewelry .

Cemeteries began to cater for cremated remains; Highgate Cemetery, for example, opened a columbarium in , with cubicles designed to hold urns full of ashes. Cremation took a long time to catch on, however, probably because of the Christian belief in resurrection. Once Christian faith began to wane in Britain, as a result of the two world. Victorian cemeteries such as the Magnificent Seven reached the height of their popularity between about and Although they were still very fashionable (and profitable) for a long time after, the mania of the grand Victorian mourning spectacle turned a corner.