She loves when I piss in her diaper - adult diaper dreams


adult diaper dreams - She loves when I piss in her diaper

Diaper Dreams is community for diaper wearing kink/fetish, come as you are. According to the dream book, diapers intended for adults symbolize damage and losses in dreams. Why do you dream of changing used waterproof panties? Most often, in a dream, it reflects the need to get rid of bad intentions and evil thoughts. Did you happen to change diapers in a dream?

On a fantasy level, I started to really become interested in diapers and plastic pants after puberty and around the age of I imagine there are quite a few Diaper Lovers (DL's) like myself who had their first orgasms in wet beds or while wearing diapers and plastic pants! I was 13 years old and in the eighth grade when this first happened to me. in English. Personal Menu. Friends online. Chat Rooms. Main Menu Login Register Front page Discussions Library.