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"National multi-year implementation plan for adult education and training (Department of Education, )" With an estimated million illiterate adults, this website aims to provide information on ABET in South Africa - information for people wanting to become involved in . Aug 26,  · Adult education is a public education for all adults in South Africa% of Grade 4 pupils in South Africa cannot read for meaning and 29% are illiterate. This highlights the dismal literacy levels of pupils at schools across the country and the effect that this has on learners later in .

Apr 08,  · Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) is available to adults who want to finish their basic education. There are an estimated million illiterate adults in South Africa. The concept of ABET is uniquely South African. In the English-speaking world, ABE means Adult Basic Education. Participatory popular education organizations in Adult Education in South Africa that use Freirian methods to deal with community adult learning, with literacy as a component, include the South African REFLECT Network (SARN) and the Inter national Grail, using their Training for Transformation (TfT) programmes whose “thinking and practice is grounded in communities realities”.

ADULT EDUCATION AND TRAINING (AET) IN SOUTH AFRICA Introduction Overview The broad aim of this chapter is to learn from the applications of numerous adult literacy and adult education and training (AET) approaches in South Africa. 16 The chapter presents an overview of influential AET theories and concepts that have a. Adult education and training: Challenges in local municipalities More than two decades after , challenges in achieving universal literacy and education in South Africa remain. The Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority commissioned the HSRC to assess challenges in adult education and training at municipalities.