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The University of Akron’s (Ohio) Adult Focus program, for example, was recognized by the American College Personnel Association as an outstanding adult learner program. It offers comprehensive services for prospective and enrolled adult students, including specialized. The percentage of adult learners attending college full-time is steadily increasing. For ages , 54% are full-time students. 34% of those over age 40 are full-time. 5 The average age of Pell Grant recipients is 26 and has been rising for the last 20 years. 6 Students over the age of 25 are the fastest-growing segment in higher education. 7.

Oct 26,  · At four-year, private, non-profit institutions, adult learners are 22% less likely to complete their degree than traditional-age students (Shapiro et al., ). Kasworm’s () study of adult undergraduates at a research university provides some insight as to how adults perceive their position within the dixckxx.xyz: Rhett Mcdaniel. Mar 06,  · Higher education institutions tend to define “non-traditional students” or “adult learners” as students over 25 who are returning to college to complete an undergraduate degree or undertake an undergraduate degree for the first time. Under this definition, approximately 38% of college students in the U.S. would fall into this category.

Adult Learners in Higher Education: Barriers to Success and Strategies to Improve Results March Jobs for the Future RichardKazis Eduventures AbigailCallahan ChrisDavidson Percent of Enrolled Students dixckxx.xyztofUndergraduateswithNon-traditionalCharacteristics, Source:Choy For learning to be motivating and meaningful, adult students should be actively involved in the learning process and be expected to take more responsibility for their learning. Since many adult learners may have been dependent learners in their previous passive type of schooling experience, the instructor may have to move the adult learner from.