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Joaquin Phoenix (30) Arthur Fleck (7) Reader (6) Ben Affleck (5) Matt Damon (5) Josh Hartnett (5) Summer Phoenix (4) Jake Gyllenhaal (4) Heath Ledger (4) Jared Leto (3) Include Relationships Joaquin Phoenix/You (7) Joaquin Phoenix/Original Female Character(s) (4) Ben Affleck/Matt Damon (3) Jake Gyllenhaal/Josh Hartnett/Joaquin Phoenix (3). FanFiction | unleash Home Community Movies 10 Things I Hate About You Joaquin Phoenix Character Stories. Joaquin Phoenix Character Stories. Follow. Focus: Movies 10 Things I Hate About You, Since: Founder: HeathDiva - Stories: 0 - Followers: 0 - id: Community archive is currently empty.

knight70 - Thank you, kindly, Phil. Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job with this movie's version of the Joker. It's definitely the darkest portrayal of the character. I enjoy writing Batman fan-fiction, so these poems are always fun for me to write. Emma DeSantos, younger sister of Joaquin DeSantos is in love with Jughead Jones. She is a serpant, but has to hide it from everyone but Jughead until Jughead accepts the Jacket and becomes a serpant. THIS STORY WILL BE GOING UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

FanFiction | unleash Featuring digitally teen midget Joaquin Phoenix as MINORU MINETA as The JOKER. Guest chapter 1. 4/8. Mineta becoming like the Joker due to constant bullying was excellent. I can't wait to see what sort of "rewards" he will give to the students who had bullied him. I wonder how the interactions with Mineta and Mei would go. The Book Of Life Joaquin Joaquin Mondragon Reader Reader Insert Reader Inserts Joaquin X Reader Ll Hero You were nothing but a thief, driven by debt you break into General Posada's manor only to be caught red handed by the heroic Joaquin Mondragon.