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Nov 24,  · Exercises to Improve Handwriting as an Adult While I do highly recommend purchasing a handwriting manual aimed at adult students, there are some drills you can practice on your home. Here are a few of my favorites that helped me improve my writing. Nov 04,  · Use books to help you Improve Your Handwriting Depending on the style of handwriting you want to improve will depend on the books you should get. Print writing is much easier to develop than cursive, but both skills are worth developing. Some great .

Handwriting Exercises for Adults | Improving Handwriting. Here is a detailed look at how you can improve your handwriting as an adult: Accept That Your Writing Isn't Perfect When it comes to improving your handwriting, the biggest hurdle for many people is actually admitting they have bad handwriting. Remember, it's your handwriting so you will find it .

The average handwriting speed of adults is around 20 words per minute (wpm). Even award-winning typists are only able to achieve slightly over wpm (the average person clocks in at just around 40). By comparison, the average English-speaker speaks at about wpm, and the average listener can comprehend around wpm. Better handwriting for adults Our writing changes as we grow and we develop our own style. We have written this magazine for adults who would like to improve their handwriting, adults who don’t write often or are unhappy with the way their handwriting looks.