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adult iq of 190 - asian 190

Sep 13,  · Bob, you do not have an IQ of Achieving a score of on an IQ test is near impossible. An IQ of means one must have 22 points over the genius level. Bob, your brain is 1/3 of the way developed. At your age, you cannot possibly fathom having that high of an intelligence Juan Ramos. Jan 28,  · A high IQ might give you a leg up in certain situations, like getting the job you want. However, a lower IQ score doesn’t mean you’re not intelligent or incapable of Ann Pietrangelo.

Jul 17,  · If you have a high IQ, prove it by selecting the correctly spelled word in this fun but challenging quiz! Quiz: Only People With IQ Range Can Spell All These Words. Can You? Via 20th Century Fox. When in doubt, spell it out! Many adults still struggle with spelling, and it's not entirely their fault. Sep 05,  · A score of is meteoric and very few have this level. Einstein's IQ was to , depending on whose calculations you look at. Leonardo da Vinci's IQ was thought to be possibly to Gary Kasparov has an IQ of and Marilyn Vos Savant has an IQ of Views: K.

Mislav Predavec is a math professor from Croatia who is reported to have an IQ score of He says “I always felt I was a step ahead of others. As material in school increased, I just solved the problems faster and better.” Predavec was born in Zagreb in , and . Normalizing means the average IQ score is How far you fall either side of this number determines roughly how unusual your IQ is. Only 2% of the population have an IQ greater than Half of the population have an IQ score between 85 and