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12 Ways for Any Slow Learner to Easily Speed Up Learning. Sep 29,  · Similarly, a current employee may be slow to respond to a new task or job duty. You may discover quickly that an employee has slow learner symptoms. It’s critical to remember that this employee .

Create achievement goals and rewards for your slow learner to increase self-esteem and motivation. If your slow learner attains a goal, acknowledge the achievement with positive reinforcement or a lunch. The positive reinforcement and visible achievement encourage the employee to "hit the books" and try a . For adults, having an undiagnosed learning disability can affect career choice, limit job advancement and lead to a number of psychological and emotional issues, including depression and Estimated Reading Time: 10 mins.

The student commonly called a slow learner is one who cannot learn at an average rate from the instructional resources, texts, workbooks, and learning materials that are designed for the majority of students in the classroom. Aug 24,  · How Adults Are Tested for Learning Disabilities Many adults with learning disabilities were never diagnosed and did not receive appropriate instruction for their disabilities. 3  This can result in a lack of training, self-confidence, and an inability to leverage their strengths to increase their odds of success in the workplace.