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Dec 24,  · A community for adults who are learning to play the piano. This subreddit is dedicated to adults who want to share their progress, discuss their difficulties and support each other. Progress and performance videos are very welcome:) Members. 5. Online. Created Dec 24, Filter by flair. Other; Progress video;. Many piano teachers feel "fossil" is the apt description for adult beginning and intermediate piano students. I use the term mockingly because I know better. I know they can be fluid, flexible, and adventurous if only we will encourage them to be.

Adult Piano Lessons: Taking Piano Lessons as an Adult Taking adult piano lessons is really not much different from learning in childhood. But there are two outstanding exceptions that distinguish adult students from child dixckxx.xyzted Reading Time: 5 mins. Mar 11,  · Piano Lessons for Adults They say music is the oldest form of language, and for sure there is a certain sense of awe that one experiences when seeing a piano maestro in action; in full flow, playing sheet music flawlessly. The piano is perhaps the most versatile music instrument dixckxx.xyzted Reading Time: 7 mins.

As adult piano students we know it's really important to have time to perform publicly, but recitals with 99% young children and their parents are just too awkward.