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After this segment was aired, Adult Swim created a t-shirt with this logo on it. Since this sketch originally is from season 2, it's the only sketch from one of the Star Wars-specials that is also available uncensored. In the skit, Vader claims to have been "flying around for 2 weeks trying to get a signal". May 26,  · Darth Vader calls the Emperor. From Adult Swim, Darth Vader calls Emperor Palpatine to break some bad news.

Abonniere den YouTube-Kanal von [adult swim] Deutschland: dixckxx.xyz?add_user=adultswimde Besuche die Website von [adult swim. Palpatine gets a collect call from Vader who tells him that the Rebel Alliance blew up the Death Star, leaving Palpatine in financial turmoil. This skit is recycled from the episode "," although the voice of Darth Vader heard on Palpatine's phone has been redone from the .

File type: Text File .txt) []Infinite Gets a collect call from darth vader By: Roninhunt XD yes thats right I am remaking all the parodies I did before on dA.. minus the joe cartoon the boss parody.. took up a lot of time on that one so I am gonna scrap that only so ya.. sit back and enjoy folks. Darth Matt - After rescuing Vader from the lava on Mustafar, Palpatine mockingly calls him "Darth Matt" while Vader tries to make some suggestions about his armor. After getting into his armor, Darth Vader dances around the Death Star until he has to use the bathroom. Adult Swim Hatches Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III, dixckxx.xyz