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For all non-Indigenous Australians. National Immunisation Program Schedule (from July ) Age. Disease. Vaccine brand. Childhood vaccination (also see influenza vaccine). Birth. Hepatitis B (usually offered in hospital) a. H-B-Vax® II Paediatric or Engerix B® Paediatric. 2 months (can be given from 6 weeks of age). Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis B, polio. Adult immunisation schedule. The immunisations below are free through the state government and national immunisation program (NIP). There are a number of different circumstances in which adults might be recommended additional vaccines. Read more about adult immunisations at the Australian Department of Health website (external site).

Adult vaccination In adulthood it is important to ensure on-going protection against vaccine preventable diseases. (FAQs) about influenza vaccines are available. Australian Government advice and recommendations on the National Influenza Vaccination Program are available from the Australian Government's Immunisation website. Jul 01,  · Pneumococcal vaccines - category A and B at risk conditions simplified into a single list and changes to recommendations for at risk children and adults, Aboriginal adults and non-Aboriginal adult. Meningococcal B - funded for all Aboriginal children and people with asplenia, hyposplenia, complement deficiency and treatment with Eculizumab.

Adult vaccination: vaccines for Australian adults | NCIRS Fact sheet: August 3 A booster dose of a tetanus-containing vaccine is recommended for adults: ≥50 years of age who have not received a tetanus- containing vaccine in the previous 10 years (yet have previously completed a primary course). This fact sheet provides clinical advice for vaccination providers on pneumococcal vaccination from 1 July The decision tree should be read in conjunction with the NIP Pneumococcal vaccination schedule from 1 July It includes information on applying key changes to the pneumococcal vaccination schedule and the list of risk conditions for pneumococcal vaccine recommendations and.