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Jul 28,  · We’ve evolved into a mutually and consensual agreement where she will give me a real domestic discipline spanking for offenses we’ve both deemed spank-able offenses. While I will get a punishment spanking on occasion (about monthly), I get taken to the “woodshed” about 3 . Aug 14,  · Being taken to the woodshed is another part of spanking Americana that doesn’t cross the Atlantic too well. I first did some digging on this a while back when a reader sent in a selection of short anecdotes and ‘real’ woodshed spanking pictures culled from Facebook et al.

Mar 14,  · As a 24/7, female-led, DD couple, we only use spanking for punishment and there are certain rules. While not written like yours, our have evolved over the course of our DD relationship. We do not have a formal sentencing like yours, but when an infraction has been committed, punishment . Dec 10,  · This is as good as non-consensual spankings get. Smoking hot, so very full of herself, she gets thrown on the bed, her panties ripped down, and then she gets a very real whipping on her bare ass with a belt. Again, acting, of course. But no true spanking enthusiast can deny, this is a wonderful scene. Imagine if this weren’t a movie.

Apr 24,  · It was comforting, at least, that I had a set of cousins, the children of my mom’s sister, who also grew up in a spanking household and whose parents shared the same views on it as my parents did. There were six kids in that house: My cousin, Judith, known as . At Southern Comfort, we work with an alternate universe in which physical punishment is not only common, but the recommended. Grandparents recommend spanking and other physical punishments to their children to help grandchildren behave, and teachers send notes home to parents suggesting that a good spanking might straighten out Little Johnny's behavior.