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Welcome back to dry Your search ends here. We're here to help you find a solution that fits your life and your unique incontinence needs. With 40 years of trusted . Attends offers a full line of adult diapers and pullups to suit all lifestyles and sizing needs. Attends adult diapers (briefs) are designed for heavy to severe .

Our Attends Briefs, protective underwear, pads and Attends diapers are delivered in discreet shipping cases for your privacy and dignity. All Attends Diapers are Latex . Unlike incontinence underwear, adult briefs with tabs have skin-safe closures that provide secure, safe and repeated refastenability, Moisture alert wetness indicator .

Attends diapers, insert pads & more, all with fast & free day discreet shipping. Right to your door in no time! Click now to begin shopping. All Attends Diapers are Latex Free. Attends incontinence products are engineered to absorb and contain urine using a variety of unique systems that make them excellent choices for your adult incontinence needs. Attends Size Regular! Our Regular size Attends diapers have the length of a medium brief and the width of an Attends Large.