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Bilirubin appears to distribute differentially to brain subcellular compartments and is oxidized in brain by an enzyme localized on the inner mitochondrial membrane. This enzyme is found both in neurons and in glia, but appears to be more active in the by: Sep 17,  · Typically, bilirubin levels fall somewhere between and milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). Anything above mg/dL is usually considered high. The condition of having high bilirubin .

Oct 25,  · Direct bilirubin dissolves in water and is made by the liver from indirect bilirubin. Normal bilirubin results are mg in adults and 1 mg for those under Results may be affected by gender, Author: Emily Lunardo. Jan 23,  · Kernicterus is brain damage caused by severe, untreated jaundice or high blood levels of a substance called bilirubin. The condition is typically associated with severe, untreated cases of Author: Jennifer Huizen.

"is a bilirubin level of 8 dangerous in adults?" Answered by Dr. Gurmukh Singh: Yes: Bilirubin of 8 suggests obstruction to bile flow, severe hepatiti. Depends: It depends on the age of the patient and the level of the jaundice. Jaundice in adults is not as dangerous in that the bilirubin (which causes the jau.