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corner time discipline for an adult - ADULT TIME Cardiogasm - Full Body Workout with Natasha Nice

Apr 14,  · Corner Time Corner time is a planned time out when your man stands in a corner with no distractions such as television, phone, music etc. He is to stand in the corner, facing the wall to think about whatever it is that you wish him to think about. Start by leading him over to the corner by his arm or wrist. May 23,  · Corner time is the go-to punishment for my Wife and it is always proceeded by a lecture. I rarely am put there for longer than a half hour. Usually about 20 minutes. Though I do get spanked for infractions, it is not that often.

Corner time is meant as discipline, of course, and it is certainly that. It's embarrassing, particularly since I'm required to "serve my time" with my newly-spanked bottom exposed. It's occasionally frustrating, if I haven't yet had a chance to tell my partner my side of the misbehavior I'm being disciplined for. Corner time punishment. 7 Comments. This quiz is for everyone who needs corner time or looking for some fun corner time positions being given out here i know your fate come take my quiz. Do YOU need to be punished have YOU just had a spanking and need some extra discipline well then you’ve come to the right place so step right up and see.

Bad words = time out + mouthsoaping! time out timeout cornertime corner time spanking submissive domestic discipline mouth soaping wash mouth out with soap mouthsoaping notes Oct 9th, May 23,  · When I grew up, corner-time after spanking was usual part of parent's spanking. My siblings and me spent much time in the corners with red bare behinds on display. It was very embarrassed, but for.