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The adult education literature is examined for its visions of diversity. Four different visions are identified. Each theorizes diversity differently. One aims for individual personal development within an accommodating, non-critical by: Adult education, social inclusion and cultural diversity in regional communities Rob Townsend School of Education Victoria University This article presents the outcomes of recent research into adult education programs and experiences in the Shire of Campaspe, a region in northern Victoria. Research data of people from diverse.

Diversity in adult education means addressing unique issues and meeting specific requirements typical of adult learners. Thus, adult education acknowledges and honors the diversity that adult students bring to their educational experience: a kaleidoscope of life experiences, different pre-existing knowledge, specific educational needs, and. The Office of Adult Education and Diversity Programs offer educational courses that impart knowledge, develop skills and clarify values for our students. We provide our students with quality programs that blend education with workplace skills for a well rounded educational experience.

Diversity Issues in Adult Education The Adult Literacy and Education (ALE) Research and Practice Wiki has invited us to participate in adding resources to the newly-created wiki section, Diversity Issues in Adult Education. Thanks David Rosen and collaborators! This section looks at the implementation of adult education based strategies to improve cultural diversity to tackle immediate social requirements within the socio economic framework of the city. Although the city of Sydney implements educational based strategies within the primary education and secondary educational levels of schooling, these.