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adult education movement and timeline - Graceful movements

Adult Learning and Education Timeline. Adult Education Movements. MECHANICS' INSTITUTES: In the s the Mechanics’ Institute in Ontario, Québec and Nova Scotia provided information and learning opportunities to workers. In this institute, the members were supposed to learn the underlying scientific principles of their work as well as the. Industrial welfare movement in response to immigration and migrant workers - spilling over from 's and becoming larger Lot of people shiftying around due to Great Depression and being out of work.

Although federal legislation for adult education began in , the Federal Government has been involved in adult education for over years (Deighton, L. C., ; see Appendix 4 for a detailed description of federal adult education legislation). Eduard Lindeman “Adult education is a co-operative venture in non-authoritarian, informal learning the chief purpose of which is to discover the meaning of experience; a quest of the mind which digs down to the roots of the preconceptions which formulate our conduct; a technique of learning for adults which makes education coterminous with life, and hence elevates living itself to the level.

The main sources of adult education are public schools, colleges and universities, proprietary schools, and the government. History of Adult Education in the U.S. Find out about adult education. Adult schools and the making of adult education. The adult school movement starting in the late s, while for most of the time only small in numbers, was a significant element in the making of adult education in Britain. This article briefly surveys the history and impact of such schools.