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myspace bulletin surveys Cool Free Surveys is your #1 source for MySpace Surveys! We have tons of fun surveys for your myspace bulletins. Make your own surveys or browse through our surveys, fill it out, and post it in your MySpace Bulletin or your MySpace Profile! myspace surveys for bulletins surveys for myspace bulletins. Aug 31,  · We’ve all done it. One of our friends posts a bulletin on MySpace with a fun survey, be it an adult-focused topic (Who did you last sleep with?) or a historical-focused topic (During your senior.

Myspace Bulletin Survey; Myspace Bulletin Survey. How many bulletins do you send a day? How many bulletins do you receive a day? Do you look forward to getting bulletins? Do you read all of your bulletins? Do you get a lot of junk bulletins? What is the most annoying bulletin you get? Dec 24,  · Myspace Surveys for Bulletins. Always free Myspace Bulletin Surveys & - Some fun, some long, some about love, and well, some just about "me". All free.

Jan 03,  · A survey for people who AREN'T teenagers or in highschool anymore (for once). I'm getting sick of all these lame surveys made for people in their younger teens, people really do lack perspective on this site.