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Jan 20,  · Magna cum laude and summa cum laude are distinctions awarded to high-achieving students at colleges. Magna cum laude is for students who have graduated 'with great distinction,' while summa cum. Dec 02,  · The key difference between a magna cum laude GPA vs. summa cum laude GPA is that students with the summa cum laude honor tend to have a higher GPA than students with the magna cum laude honor.

Apr 09,  · The standard for magna cum laude honours is similar with summa cum laude except it less rigorous. In term of grades, the requirement at some college and university is a or average over four years of college for summa cum laude. Feb 17,  · At the University of Pennsylvania, for example, students need a grade point average (GPA) of or higher to graduate summa cum laude, for magna cum laude, and for cum laude. Ohio State University’s College of Arts and Sciences sets the bars at , and , respectively.

Aug 04,  · The summa cum laude designation is reserved for just 5% of students and awarded only to exceptional candidates who have demonstrated mastery of a particular field by completing independent study, writing an academic paper . Dec 08,  · Typically, colleges award summa cum laude to the top 5% of students or those who reach a cumulative GPA of Magna cum laude is usually reserved for the .