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New Wake up and smell the coffee when you have "Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick!" This popular daily chat show aired on WOR-AM from through , and starred Dorothy Kilgallen, famed journalist and reporter, and her husband Richard Kollmar, . Breakfast With Dorothy And Dick Early morning 45 minute celebrity news and gossip show presented from their 66th Street, New York, Park Avenue apartment by charming husband and wife team, Richard Kollmar and Dorothy Kilgallen.

Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick () Here's an episodeof Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick, hosted by Dorothy Kilgallen and her alcoholic husband Dick Kollmar. The buzz-term for Old Time Radio is 'OTR'. OTR usually means radio broadcasting from the golden age of radio, mostly before These shows from the pre-television age include adventure, comedies, mystery shows, western dramas and shows from World War II.

A Chicago attorney and gossip columnist host a popular morning radio show. Their search to locate a mysterious woman leads them to the Chicago Art Museum, a network of thieves, and a rich family Watch Breakfast with Dick and Dorothy in Canada. Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick was broadcast locally throughout New York City and its suburbs, drawing an audience of 20 million listeners. In January , the Kollmar family moved from their Park Avenue apartment to a five-story townhouse on Manhattan’s East 68th Street, and their radio series began originating from there.