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dupex condom commercials - Hope Lingerie 2013 Commercial - Cintia Dicker & Others

Sep 03,  · However, that’s not a big problem because I still enjoy these extremely creative Durex advertisements! To tell you the truth, Durex condom Commercials are probably the coolest and most creative advertisement examples of all. Now scroll down for my picks of the best ads and funny commercials below! Enjoy! Toilet. THE BEST DUREX CONDOM COMMERCIAL EVER.

23 Brilliantly Sexy Durex Condom Advertisements. by Ryan Lum February 19, , AM k Views 17 Comments. k. SHARES. Facebook Twitter. In a World where we are bombarded with advertisements, sometimes the best advertisements are the ones that make us laugh and smile. In the condom industry, there is a huge opportunity to be fun and sexy. Reckitt Benckiser.

Jul 24,  · Durex has been busy lately when it comes to advertising – the company recently unveiled a new, sex-positive rebrand, including a slick new logo and a delightfully named typeface, One Night Sans. Like many of the best print ads, Durex's face mask ad is playful yet important, encouraging safety both inside and outside the bedroom. Jun 12,  · The message is clear - Durex condoms are available for girls at home, whether their partner is male or female! - This Durex condoms lesbian commercial gets home the message!