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Jul 22,  · Eros’s arrows and Cupid’s arrows are different Roman copy of “Eros stretching his bow” of Lysippus in the Capitoline Museum Perhaps one of the most widespread mistakes about the arrows that Eros and Cupid used is that they both had golden arrows to incite love and desire and lead arrows to provoke heartbreak, aversion, and hatred. Sep 30,  · Eros was one of many Greek gods who had a Roman counterpart. The Romans often took Greek mythology in large part and replaced the names and some specific details of the deities with Italian ones, and Eros was no different. In Rome, he came to be known as Cupid.

Eros Cupid with pigeons Bronze Statue Sculpture Mythlogy God of Love ARTSSE. From shop ARTSSE. 5 out of 5 stars (96) 96 reviews $ Only 1 left Favorite Add to. The myth of Eros and Psyche is probably one of the best love stories in classical mythology. Eros, son of Aphrodite, was the personification of intense love desire and he was depicted throwing arrows to people in order to hit their heart and make them fall in love. Psyche, a beautiful maiden, personifies the .

Dec 21,  · Originally, Cupid was known as Eros (love). Eros was a primordial being, thought to have arisen out of Chaos, along with Tartarus the Underworld and Gaia the Earth. Later Eros became associated with the love goddess Aphrodite, and he is often spoken of as Aphrodite's son Cupid, most notably in the myth of Cupid and Psyche. Mar 20,  · Cupid is a see also of eros. As nouns the difference between cupid and eros is that cupid is a putto carrying a bow and arrow, representing cupid or love while eros is a winged figure of a child representing love and/or its power.