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Mar 13,  · After the cum dividend date, the stock will move to the ex dividend date or 'XD' in short. Definition of Ex Dividend: Ex Dividend is the status of a stock when the company has confirmed the list of shareholders to receive the dividend. It is the classification of trading shares when a declared dividend belongs to the seller rather than the buyer. May 08,  · A stock is cum dividend, which means "with dividend," when a company has declared that there will be a dividend in the future but has not yet paid it out. A stock will trade cum dividend until the.

Cum-div is a short form of 'cum dividend' just as 'ex-div' stands for 'ex dividend'. Dividend is one of the two main forms of reward to shareholders in a company. The other is capital appreciation. When a company does well in its operations, shareholders usually get a distribution of some of the profit, by way of dividend. May 14,  · A cum-ex transaction combines the delivery of a stock after the dividend date with a short sale, i.e. the seller does not actually own the stock that is being sold. Instead, the stock is bought from a third party on the ex-dividend date.