a financial settlement - financial domination application


financial domination application - a financial settlement

Jun 28,  · Financial domination is also known as money slavery and is basically a fetish of people who want to be controlled by another person in exchange of money. They pay people for controlling them and the one in charge is known as a financial dominatrix. Online dominatrix are making crazy money on the internet these days. Like all other Financial Domination transactions, send a tribute first then email me the details of your request: The email or name from which you sent the tribute What you would like included on your contract and the overall situation and your fantasy of being extorted for money. .

Most dommes require their potential sub purchase a slave application before they consider them in order to get to know them and if they're worthy enough to train A slave application is a good way to figure out if the sub is sincere. Posted by Financial Domination Guide at PM. dixckxx.xyz This is required for all Pay Piggies. This explains what you want and how much you have to offer. All applications and everything between us is confidential, unless otherwise requested. Any Paypal charges are called "Sweet Sales.".

Financial Domination, Findom, or Wallet Rape as it is sometimes called, is a fetish where its participants, who are mostly male, enjoy the control and humiliation of a dominant female, who are called Mistresses or Financial Dommes.