My first shoulder wedgie, very hard wedgie with my thong on - sore breast shoulders and abdomen


sore breast shoulders and abdomen - My first shoulder wedgie, very hard wedgie with my thong on

Jun 02,  · Improper bra support can cause shoulder and breast pain. In some cases, pain in the shoulder and breast may be indicative of a heart attack or other form of emergency cardiovascular situation. Women, especially, experience pain in these areas during a heart attack, along with pain along the jaw and between the shoulder blades. Voluptuous, pendulous boobs can cause enough of a strain that they stretch breast ligaments and tissues. This can cause pain not only in your breasts, but also possibly in your back, neck, and.

You should definitely see your doctor and have him/her check for an ulcer or a hiatal hernia (an internal hernia of the stomach). The back, shoulder and stomach pains are all symptoms of both of these conditions and both are treatable. So, see your doctor ASAP. You need some relief. Dec 17,  · I had shoulder pain for some time before i found a lump in my breast, but turned out this was unrelated to the cancer in the end. I had operation to remove, 2 lumps as what i felt as 1 was in fact 2 very close together, I didn't have to have chemotherapy but start daily radiotherapy on Monday for 4 .