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Jun 28,  · this sounds a lot like my husband. It bothers me sometimes but I have so much on plate, I learned to overlook it. I won't go into how I feel about humanity. It would take to long. You too good for him. Take care of yourself and let him be a jerk. You won't be able to change him. Apr 09,  · How many of your husbands have a panty and bra fetish like I do? I am wearing satin red hipster panties (love the way they feel on me) and matching bra. I love to come to work wearing my panties and bra and nobody has a clue. I could be your co-worker chatting with you near the coffee pot and you don't even have a clue.

Jul 11,  · My husband is a cross dresser. He told me about the panties when we began and I was ok with it. It has incremented so much that he wears panties, bras, tops and dresses. It’s hard because he pushes it for sex as well. I feel he is not meeting me anywhere close to the middle. I don’t think it makes him less of a man, nor do I think he is gay. Mar 03,  · Discovering your husband’s secret fetish can be a shocking and startling revelation. Your spouse is not the person you thought they were. I’m starting a new series today and would like to introduce you to Nancy. Nancy lives in England although she’s originally from Brazil. She went to England for a couple of months back in and ended.