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Jan 27,  · Typically, the clitoral hood will pull back, and the external bud will become engorged, making it more visible. As a result of the blood flow, the clit may become a deeper pink or red color. The. Nov 18,  · The clitoris is extremely sensitive, but because the husband is molding his hand to his wife’s contours, this causes a “cupping” of the hand a bit. So, what is generally struck is not the clitoris directly, but the “arms” of the clitoris that extend down beside the labia majora.

May 07,  · Generally, yes! Your hood is connected to your inner lips. If you place your fingers at the top of your lips and pull the skin up, you should be able to retract the hood enough to expose the glans Author: Adrienne Santos-Longhurst. and she thinks murume wont leave her because she pulled her clitoris? Pull your brain and not your sexual organs. That’s why you spend lots of time cat fighting and engaging in annoying behaviour. It’s because you spend too much time focusing on your sexual organ and not your thinking organ.

Clitoral Hood Lift (Clitoral Hoodectomy) Before and After Photos Patients with elongated clitoral hoods aka excess clitoral hood (prepuce) may complain of poor aesthetic appearances and/or less of access to the clitoris for stimulation. The reduction of the excessive prepuce is called " clitoral hood reduction (lift) or clitoral hoodectomy.". Jan 23,  · Labia strething involves pulling down the inner labia, or labia minora. There are two primary ways of approaching labia stretching: via pulling or with the use of weights. Pulling is the method used most frequently in tribal societies. The weight method is more common among practitioners in Western nations.