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Reasons sissies prefer mating in missionary position. One weekend a month of satiny gender bending: an introduction. Cuckold is rewarded as Jenna takes him to a 'show'. Pixie soothes Kay. Samantha is Nervously Naked. and other exciting erotic stories at! Power Versus Submission is the continuing story of Robyn's forced submission to schoolgirl Bully Tahlia as first told in Balance of Power. This story explores the balance between Robyn's fantasy of submission and loss of control as opposed to the real life consequences that blackmail inevitably brings to .

Oct 12,  · How I Met My Dominant Neighbor: A True Submissive Story. I got a job in a small Oregon town and settled in a duplex. The woman next door, my new dominant neighbor, would stare at me and we started to talk and when we saw each other at the grocery store she would look at my cart and tell me I was buying the wrong stuff, like the wrong brand of toilet paper. A chance encounter brings two scat lovers together submissive female with dominant female mistress, the young slave finds her teacher.